AWS Fargate Cluster coexistence with EC2 instances / Autoscaling Capacity Providers

There is a possibility add to your AWS Fargate Cluster Capacity Providers with autoscaling EC2 instances. You can use it to, debug some Containers – you can just log-in to EC2, where your container is running or optimize the use of EC2 / Fargate instances, especially when you use reserved EC2 instances.

When you add directly Autosaling EC2 instances as Capacity Providers you can receive this kind of errors:

unable to place a task because no container instance met all of its requirements


No Container Instances were found in your cluster

The trick is – when you create Launch Configuration please select Community AMI eg.: amzn2-ami-ecs-hvm-2.0.20191212-x86_64-ebs – of course, choose the latest one.

Chose also IAM permission: IAM role as ecsInstanceRole and the most important provide this in user data:

echo ECS_CLUSTER=LastFinal >> /etc/ecs/ecs.config
sudo iptables –insert FORWARD 1 –in-interface docker+ –destination –jump DROP
sudo service iptables save
echo ECS_AWSVPC_BLOCK_IMDS=true >> /etc/ecs/ecs.config

After you create autoscaling your instances should bring to live and you should them in your Fargate Cluster:

Now you can add the Capacity provider and Managed termination protection should be disabled.

And now you can Run your Tasks as a Fargate or as an EC2 launch type. Please remember that the Task is compatible with EC2.

Launch command line:

aws ecs create-service –capacity-provider-strategy capacityProvider=EC2CapacityProvider,weight=1 –cluster LastFinal –service-name shellexample –task-definition shell:2 –desired-count 1 –network-configuration “awsvpcConfiguration={subnets=[subnet-068457290b918bf38],securityGroups=[sg-0563e9b190a2ccf65]}”