Copilot – The ChatGPT in your Office Environment

Just if you ask Google about “microsoft copilot” you receive a pretty good listing:

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If you were lucky, you could enable Copilot in your Office, but now it is no longer possible…

So what to do?

If you can not wait and want to receive it as one of the first persons, you must join the Microsoft 365 Insider program. Do not worry. You do not need to fill out any forms etc. Just follow this manual.

If you are using the enterprise version just, you can execute

reg add HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\office\16.0\common\officeupdate /v updatebranch /t REG_SZ /d BetaChannel

See more here, where you can find more options to deploy a Beta Chanel.

Remember that Beta Channel isn’t supported, and you do not get Copilot immediately, but you will be in the first wave.