Desktop Automation – Low Code, AutoIt – and cloud era…

25 years ago in Windows 95/98 time, I remember a great, but not popular tool for desktop automation it is still active here:

It allows record mouse movements and does repetitive tasks. But it was also including his own very simple language similar to basic as far I remember. There is a library of examples also, and what is important is almost 30 years of experience. Some other competitors are: – it is popular nowadays also.

Nowadays Microsoft starting to provide similar tools, so I think it is worthy of investigating and the best value of it is remote execution – via the cloud, code repository, and tight integration with the operating system.

Some useful links:

Power Automate Desktop

AI Builder

Power Virtual Agents

Power Apps and Microsoft Teams

Power Apps – it is quite old, but can be answered for child Scratch and App inventor – just see

In my opinion, the above tools should be included in compulsory computer science studies, as well as Scratch and AppInventor.