Microsoft Project in fact Mark Russinovich’s top of mind – You must use

Mark Russinovich was founder of SysInternals company with these tools like PsExec, Sysmon and other commercial tools that companies bought and used debugging Windows. In 2000 year almost every enterprise used it. Nowadays’ Microsoft Azure CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

Today’s Mark Russinovich’s top of mind projects are:

  • KEDA ( – event based auto-scaler for Kubernetes, e.g. allows run Azure Functions in Azure Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Dapr ( – the integrated API with the underlying resources. For instance, when you’re using the Dapr publish subscribe API, you can change the message broker by swapping out a yaml component file to switch from RabbitMQ, to Kafka (or any other supported broker), without changing your application code.
  • Copa ( – Patching Container Images. open-source image vulnerability patching tool. Copa is designed for the security of the container images.
  • Radius ( – supports deploying applications across private cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services.