Azure News from Microsoft Ignite 2019 – 3 minutes read Mariusz’s bullet list

Here is a list of new Azure features announced during Ignite 2019, that in my opinion you should learn more.

This is not a complete list – just I noticed them, and it is only for Azure. Some of them could be announced before.


Virtual Machines:

  • New Sizes Daav4, Eav4, NVv4, NDv2
  • OS Disk Size 2TB+, 12 TB RAM (VM Gen2)
  • Reservation – pay by month.


Virtual Machine Scale Set:

  • Different Sizes of VMs in Scale Set;
  • Faster provisioning of custom images.


Containers, Kubernetes:

  • Azure Availability Zones;
  • Different Sizes of VMs;
  • API – security with authenticated IP;


Azure Containers Instances:

  • GA – Windows 2019 based containers;
  • Windows Container in your Vnet.



Azure Arc, Azure, Azure Resource Manager:

  • Single Control Plane for any resource anywhere.


Azure Migrate:

  • Assessment for Not Virtualized Environment;
  • CSV import-based discovery;
  • Dependency Mapping without installing Agent;
  • Web App migration;
  • Virtual Desktop migration;
  • GA- Agent Less Migrate for VMWare.



  • .net Core 3.0 (Preview);
  • Support Python 3.7;
  • Durable Functions 2.0;
  • Azure Monitor – Logs;
  • PowerShell support GA;
  • Premium Functions – GA.


API Management:

  • Developer Portal – GA;
  • ARC API Management Gateway – Public Preview.


App Service:

  • App Services Certificate – Multiple cert for multiple hostnames


IoT Central:

  • App Templates for Industries;
  • Azure Time Series Insights;
  • Azure Maps;
  • Power BI Integration;
  • AccuWeather integration;
  • Plug & Play;
  • Preview Maps private indoor mapping.


Azure Firewall Manager – Public Preview


Azure Stack:

  • Azure Stack is now Azure Stack HUB, and we have also Azure Stack Edge and Azure Stack HCI


Azure Stack Hub:

  • Cloud-Init
  • Event Hubs
  • Kubernetes Clusters
  • Windows Virtual Desktop – Private Preview